A combined hardware-software project where a homebuilt gadget connects an LCD to the PC. Uses the DLP-2232PB module from, and it's also possible to connect more electronics like buttons and relays to the module.

Here is the module we use in this project:

dlp2232 (31K)

This module connects via a standard usb-cable to the computer, but how does it connect to the lcd?

schematics-small (33K)

(Click for larger image)
The lcd by the way is a standard HD44780-compatible module. The components can be mounted on a veroboard, which can look something like this (usb-module not mounted):

mounted-veroboard (35K)

Here is the project all done, an Oled-display is used:

oled (31K)

Of course we need some software too, and this is written in PIC C and Visual Basic. VB is of course not the best programming tool, but it makes it easy and quick to make a working software. All software is GPL'ed and you are very welcome to develop it further. I rather use HiTech C for the Pic and something free for the PC software, maybe we can work something out. The software can be downloaded from the Files-section and can by now connect from the PC to the usbmodule and display characters on the display.

sflogo.jpg (4K)
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